"A Thinking Reed's Response "  
                      42 1/2" h x 42 1/2" w                              January 2003
                              corregated cardboard, sand, and acrylic paint on board

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                         Sophisticated creatures such as us
                   use complex symbols in a specific order
                   to convey our feelings for one another.
                   This language is what our kids learn
                   at an early age in school. In this work,
                   deep symbols of adoration push out from
                   the picture plane, encrusted with glue and
                   shiny pigments. The letters vibrate from colors
                   inside and outside the cardboard ridges.
                   My love for him is gritty and intense.
           You are my King
                             I am Your bride
                             Your dearest passion
                             Is to have me at Your side
                             Where You can hold me close
                             You enjoy kissing me.

                             Faithful to Your vow
                             Everyone can see
                              I belong to You
                             And You belong to me
                             What I pleasure I have
                             You enjoy kissing me.
              What could you possibly see in this maiden so low?
              My life had been dry like a desert, completely alone.
              You tell me I'm lovely to look at
              And call me your prize (to my surprise)
              My heart beats fast with a joy
             That is sweeter than wine (for You are mine)
              You love me so
              You enjoy kissing me.
              Oh, the intimacy,
              You enjoy kissing me.

                            You are fascinated
                            By our romance
                            In the presence of my King
                            You want to see me dance
                            You are excited
                            You enjoy kissing me

                            You are my Delight
                             I will bear Your name
                            There will be no other
                            My life has been changed
                             In your company
                            You enjoy kissing me.

              A garden, a flower, a tower of David am I
              A treasure, a banquet, and peace never ending are mine.
              You gaze on me with eyes
              As deep as the ocean in motion
              Your arms are a shelter of rock
              In which I hide in, I'm finding
              You love me so
              You enjoy kissing me
              Oh, the intimacy
              You enjoy kissing me.
   Bridal Song   Karl Marxhausen, 1991

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