Wired To Hear Your Voice

                                                        "Wired To Hear Your Voice"   
       40 3/4" h x 64" w       
august 2002           acrylic and oyster shell on board
               This design is based on neural activity and the consciousness
                  that converts the human creature into a thinking reed. It is truly a milestone
                  that we can make sense out of our surroundings, according to analytical
                  physicist John C. Polkinghorne. We have been given the right kind of
                  intelligence to perceive the laws of physics, mathematical constants,
                  and the information code deep within the natural order.
                      Philosopher Patricia Churchland observes that neuroscience
                  has not satisfied our curiousity. The more facts we gather, the greater
                  our discontent. The wiring fails to explain how the brain does what it does.

                       The Voice-that-activates-all-information has made the adjustments
                  necessary for such " thinking reeds"  to intercept and respond
                  to his transmissions. Thinking reeds continue to be found by the Portal.
                  It is he who initiates the uplink and through his interface thinking reeds
                  enjoy his embrace. As I love him, this is what that neural embrace looks like to me.

                        I employ a number of materials to emphasize the particles
                  that make up the picture surface. In this work, glue allows acrylic pigments
                  to spread out. Rivulets of one color sets on top of another while the glue dries.
                  Crushed oyster shell makes a crusty impasto and keeps the work lightweight.
                  As in any work there is the process of addition and subtraction. Materials must dry.
                  Evaluations are made. More is added or portions are removed and reworked.


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