dancing with jesus
                                            "Dancing With Jesus"       
              36" h x 48" w      acrylic on canvas    february 2, 2001

        This picture came to me in a vision, while I myself was worshipping
        the one I love. Surrounded by the joy of human voices, I closed my eyes.
        and this image is what I saw.
        Me in a T-shirt and shorts (on the left) dancing with Jesus (on the right).
        My blue skin and green hair and the luminous floating circles point
        to the meshing of His dimension with my own. He interacts, he comes,
        he dances, he inhabits the praise of his people, the joy of the Lord
        is my strength, he sings songs of delight, he captivates our hearts.
        The gold skin and vibrant robe points to the eagerness of the Son of God.
        Socks and no shoes are in reference to my living room. The breaking in
        of His mind, His embrace, and His leading happens     right where I am.
        I enter His arena, His throne room, His dwelling place, His fortress,
        His dining hall when I raise whispers of love    right where I am.                           
karl  marxhausen