You Paint Gratitude On Top Of Me by Karl Marxhausen
                                                  " You Paint Gratitude On Top Of Me" 
                        40 " h x 40" w      acrylic, sand and charcoal ash on panel    october 2002

                                   How might one depict "internal activity" that comes in
                    from outside oneself ? 
This canvas is a personal metaphor.
                    My life is like a darkened wall, lifeless, abandoned,
                    and without value. The wall is redeemed when colors are
                    placed on top of it. With each brush stroke the wall becomes
                    more valuable.
                           There are words that have embraced  this wall
                    that I refused to believe or accept at first. Words like  welcomed  -                                               
                    wanted -  forgiven -  accepted -  desired -  delighted over -
                    held closely -  carried -  loved upon -  kissed -  released -
                    and  filled  have been placed on top of my being. This wall has
                    become a story of response, a display of gratitude and joy.
                    I find His touch a mystery. Constant,  persistent, confident,
                    strong, and  wonderful.

 karl marxhausen