Private Collections - Livestock and Cats

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Back Forty by Karl Marxhausen
   Back Forty
      24" h x 24" w x 1.5" d wrap around canvas SOLD
      Carrollton, Missouri

   Across To The Bright Side by Karl Marxhausen  
    Across To The Bright Side
     15" h x 30" w x 1" d on cradled panel SOLD
      Carollton, Missouri


        Bo         Sorel Mule (exterior mural)
        Bo                                                                                         Land Of Opportunity
      18" h x 36" w  on canvas  SOLD                                           20' h x 35' w     (exterior mural on brick) SOLD
       New York city, New York                                                     Carrollton, Missouri

Riverbed by Karl Marxhausen         Hampshire Hogs by Karl Marxhausen     
      Riverbed                                                                Hampshire Hogs
      24" h x 18" w on canvas  SOLD                            12" h x 24" w on panel  SOLD
      Carrollton, Missouri                                                Carrollton, Missouri

     Molly And Me by Karl Marxhausen      Sweet Dreams by Karl Marxhausen
     Molly And Me                                                Sweet Dreams 
       20.5" h x 24.5" w on panel SOLD                 12" h x 24" w on canvas SOLD
       Liberty, Missouri                                            Lincoln, Nebraska

Nap Time by Karl Marxhausen      Betsy by Karl Marxhausen
       Naptime                                                             Betsy
       16" h x 20" w on panel SOLD                            6"  h x 6" w on panel  SOLD
        Kansas City, Missouri                                       Kansas City, Missouri
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