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Airborne by Karl Marxhausen           Brother obermueller by Karl
          Airborne                                                  Brother Obermueller
          24" h x 48" w on panel  SOLD                20" h x 16" w    on canvas  SOLD
          Carrollton R-7 District                             Carrollton, Missouri

             Arms Of
                      Rest by Karl Marxhausen                    Headlock
                      by Karl Marxhausen  
             Arms Of Rest                                         Headlock
           26.5" h x 13.5" w  on panel SOLD         22.5" h x 16" w on panel  SOLD
           Lenexa, Kansas                                     Seward, Nebraska

                          Sister In Ethiopia                  Monte's Window by Karl Marxhausen            
             My Sister in Ethiopia                               Monte's Window
           24" h x 18" w  on panel SOLD                 18 3/4" h x 30.5" w  on panel SOLD
           Bellingham, Washington                          Carrollton, Missouri
          My Sisterby Karl Marxhausen            
          My Sister In Prayer
         10" h x 10" w  on panel  SOLD
          Carrollton, Missouri

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