What about
          the unwanted ones
     who have made it into LIFE ?
           My friend George
             told a class
         that his real mother
was going to leave the baby she didn't want
    on the curb of the street to die.
            His real father
      didn't permit that to happen.
         George WAS that baby,
 later adopted by parents who wanted him.

            Feeling unwanted
         "you're just a mistake"
           feeling abandoned
              death wish
            is such a CURSE.

    Wanting to be accepted.
     Hungry for attention.
      Crying out to be held.
       Longing for worth.
        Being VALUED was a part of my life search.

    There is an emptiness
         and a resevoir of pain
                 in that tiny heart.

    The One who gives life    came     and found me.

    He brought people across my path
     to help me through my emotional scars.
      Jesus Christ untied the knots in my soul.
       As he helped me to say YES
        he released the years of pain
         he helped me face my anger -- my rage
          I felt the injustice all over again
           he showed me how to forgive
            how to let go of bitterness
             he showed me the value of TEARS
              he brought me shoulders to cry on
    And gradually he lifted the curse off my shoulders.

    He broke off the shell of rejection.
    He drained off the acid in my gut.
    He painted WORTH on my canvas.

Once I thought I knew it all.
  I made choices that pushed people away from me.
    My heart grew cold and bitter   black and white
      And then God heard my cry
        and showed me a LOVE
  that my parents were not able to give.

  I know this love.

        karl marxhausen 2000